Friday, June 6, 2008

We Want Your Videogames!

One of the ways we plan on growing the video game archive is through in-kind donations. How many people have old game consoles taking up space in the basement, looking for a good home? Quite a few, we think, and we can offer that good home to them!

I have a page up on our Website with details on what we're looking for and who to contact.

Here are a few of the things we've received so far:

PlayStation and games
PlayStation (One) and assorted games, anonymously donated in a large paper bag.

PlayStation 2
A PlayStation 2 and assorted games. The box underneath has another PS1 & games. Off to the right is a bag full of old Macintosh games.

TRS-80 Color Computer box
A Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, ca. 1981. This is the box...

TRS-80 Color Computer
...and here's the computer. Ooooo. Originally shipped with 4K of memory, but the previous owner upgraded it to a whopping 16K!

Microsoft Joystick
An original MicroSoft force-feedback joystick controller. With it's very own power source!

More to come as we get more in...


Eric Frierson said...

This is seriously awesome. Cool beans, Dave! What happens when someone throws the Wii into the flatscreen television? Is there a disaster plan in place? :)

WSLibrarian said...

Awww, Radio Shack TR-80. I remember that! We have a box for an IBM PC, Junior down our basement but it's currently being used for Christmas ornaments!