Monday, June 9, 2008

The Education Arcade at MIT

With this blog I hope to not only talk about our upcoming Computer & Video Game Archive here at the MLibrary, but also document my exploration into the relatively-new-to-me world of games in the academy.

First up is The Education Arcade at MIT. Growing out of their Games-to-Teach Project in the early years of this century, The Education Arcade does a couple of things:

First, they do research into the role of games in education, what works and what doesn't. And like all good researchers they publish and talk about their results.

Second, they take what they've learned and apply it to practice, developing games that attempt to both teach and entertain.

The Education Arcade now has a blog to which its researchers contribute. The director of the project, Eric Klopfer, has a brand new book: Augmented Learning: Research and Design of Mobile Educational Games from MIT Press.

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Kyle said...

As far as games in education, I remember learning far more from the Word and Number Munchers series than I do from some elementary teachers I had. I really think that games will play a larger part in education as time goes by.

I would love to see a long term study on language acquisition and reading skills in children who play video games compared to those who do not.