Monday, July 22, 2013

Hiring for the Fall Semester

It's that time again! Hard to imagine that we need to start hiring for the Fall already, but the Summer goes by quickly. Feel free to share the job posting below. Our deadline for applying for the Fall semester will be on August 15th.

Computer & Video Game Archive Assistant

Employer: Art, Architecture & Engineering Library

Job Description: Work at the Computer & Video Game Archive desk to circulate games, answer questions, and enforce archive policies.  Test donated games and equipment, help install software/hardware, help restore older game systems, etc.  Assist in running archive-related special events and tournaments. Contribute to the archive blog and Twitter account.

Educational value of this job: Gain experience working in an academic library, and gain knowledge of the inner workings of a library special collection. Gain experience restoring newer & older computers/consoles. Increase your knowledge of the video game and media industry.

Job Requirements: At least 4 of the following:
  • Previous customer service experience.
  • Previous experience working in a library or archive setting.
  • Knowledge of and experience playing a large number of old & new video games.
  • Knowledge of and experience using software related to PC games (Steam, DOSBox, etc.)  
  • Experience building/repairing PC computers and/or video game consoles.  
  • Experience designing posters and informative displays.  
  • Experience giving tours or coordinating special events.
** Work-study required in order to apply.**

Number of Available Openings: 1
Hours: 18.0 to 24.0 hours per week (preferred)
Compensation: $9.00/hour, $0.25 raise after 300 & 600 hours worked
Time Frame: Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
Contact Person: Valerie Waldron
Email Address:
Work Location: Computer & Video Game Archive, Art, Architecture & Engineering Library, Duderstadt Center.

To apply:
Send your resume, work availability for the Fall semester, and answers to the questions below to Please send the times you are available weekly, NOT a copy of your class schedule.

** Work-study required in order to apply.**

Supplemental Questions

  1. Other than an enthusiasm for video/computer games, what interests you in the position? 
  2. This position involves a lot of self-initiated projects. Keeping in mind that our main mission is to preserve and give people access to computer and video games for the purpose of academic study, what types of projects would you most like to work on during your employment here? Feel free to use this job posting, our blog, your knowledge of past CVGA events, etc. for inspiration.
  3. Please note any experience you have through previous jobs, class projects, personal hobbies, etc. involving the following skills: Building/repairing computers or game consoles (especially older ones), or installing/troubleshooting game software.
  4. Please note any experience you have through previous jobs, class projects, personal hobbies, etc. involving the following skills: Designing posters/displays, giving tours, or contributing professional-level content to blogs and other social media sources.
  5. How many semesters would you anticipate working at the CVGA? Please give an estimated end date if possible.
  6. Are you planning to be available to work during the Spring/Summer 2014 semester? If so, please note approximately how many hours you would like to work.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dance Central 2 Competition for Extra Credit

Today we hosted a dance-off in which a professor-who-will-remain-nameless challenged her students to compete with her using the video game Dance Central 2. They would get a few extra credit points just for showing up, and could get quite a few more if they managed to beat her on one of the songs.

Two of her students showed up, one of which had never used the Kinect before. Little did they know that their professor knew the game fluently and had shown her expertise at some of our previous events (or maybe she did mention this to them, who knows).

Everyone was a great sport, including the professor, who set her difficulty to Hard and the students' at Easy to level things off a bit. Only one of the students managed to beat her, however, and just barely. The same student later competed with her on Medium difficulty and didn't fare so well.

Then, our fearless leader Dave rounded out the event by challenging the professor to a match, where he showed off his freestyle. Overall, the event seemed to be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top 10 Games Played in the CVGA for June

Here is our list of most popular games in the archive from June. Smash is back on the list now that it's open to play anytime for the Spring/Summer semesters, and Final Fantasy IX makes an appearance due to the efforts of one student trying to get through it this Summer. Our Arcade Legends Cabinet is also getting a lot of attention, probably due to the number of tours and class sessions taking place in the archive last month.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Xbox 360)
2. FIFA Soccer 13 (Xbox 360)
3. NBA 2K13 (Xbox 360)
4. (tie) Saints Row the Third (Xbox 360)
4. (tie) Arcade Legends Cabinet
5. Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)
6. Shin Megami Tensei: P3P (PSP)
7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
8. (tie) Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)
8. (tie) Final Fantasy IX (Playstation)
10. Madden NFL 13 (Xbox 360)