Thursday, October 8, 2009

Racing Tournament - Day Three

Here's the leaderboard after day three of the racing tournament:

F-Zero - 1st: Weslie Tigner II ; 2nd: Daniel Ponstein ; 3rd: Brian Chung

Star Wars - 1st: Alex Goff ; 2nd: Charles Mercer ; 3rd: Douglas William Strait

Mario Kart - 1st: Nathan Feenstra ; 2nd: Daniel Ponstein ; 3rd: Shaun Joshua Levin

Pure - 1st: Nathan Feenstra ; 2nd: Weslie Tigner II ; 3rd: Shaun Joshua Levin

Forza 2 - 1st: Yang Gao ; 2nd: Kevin Lapprich ; 3rd: Daniel Ponstein

Competition continues through Saturday. Remember, you have to complete all five races in order to be eligible to win!

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