Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'd been pretty stoked about Mirror's Edge since first reading about it many months ago, but when I sat down to try to play it I sadly learned that I don't have the chops to effectively manage the controls (I got stuck on an early part of the training!)

Yesterday I spent some time in the archive watching a student play Edge. I don't normally get too excited watching someone else play, but Edge was definitely exciting to watch. Faith (the character) was trapped in an office building with several gunmen searching for her. She had to find a way out of the building, and then travel over the rooftops to safety, all the while being chased and fired at. I felt myself getting involved in the action, even though I wasn't the one running the controls.

So while I may never be able to play Edge myself, I can still experience it vicariously!


Anonymous said...

I got stuck on the tutorial too. My television screen was too fuzzy, and I couldn't tell what button I had to press to make Faith walk across the balance beam. I must've become road pizza 30 times before I realized there weren't any additional buttons to press when balancing except the usual; you just balance with the same control stick you use to move across.

All in all, Mirror's Edge is a pretty fun game, although there's a lot of trial and error in it that gets pretty tedious.

Dave Carter said...

I made it past the balance beam after about 20 tries, then I got stuck on the next obstacle. After about 50 tries on that I gave up :(